Trap practice is Saturday with set up at 9:30 AM and shooting starting at 10:00 AM. Practice continues until everyone decides they have had enough.  Trap practice is open to the public and held year round weather permitting (25 degrees and rising at 10 AM and no steady rain). All level of shooters are welcome from those who have never shot to experienced shooters. All you need is a shotgun – 12,16 or 20 gauge with a modified or tighter choke and #7.5 or # 8 shot shells.

Jack Murray 


Skeet practice is Saturday mornings at 10 AM (same as trap practice) Of course, members are still free to shoot skeet whenever they like after having the skeet orientation.  Saturday morning skeet is open to the public. 

Kenny Riddile


USPSA will have practice every Thursday from 5PM - 7PM and the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from 5:00PM - 7:00PM 


2019 PAOFA Shoots

April 20, 2019

June 15, 2019

August 17, 2019

October 19, 2019 


CMP Shoot on the outdoor rifle range from 9-11AM. First Sunday every month from April – November. Shoots are open to the public.  The cost for the shoot is $5. Any military rifle with iron sights can be used.  This includes AR’s, Garands, AK’s, SKS’s, 1903’s, K98’s and any others. New for 2016 scoped AR’s are permitted to participate. The club has M1Farads, AR 15’s and M1 Carbines that can be used free of charge with the purchase of club ammo (price to be determined at time of shoot). Club guns must be reserved 2 days in advance by contacting club chair. NRA certified Range Safety Officers are on site.

Don Hawkins  


Youth Archery

PMSC offers youth archery classes Monday evenings at 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM. Classes are free and open to the public.  Space is limited so please be on time.

Any questions contact Paul DeVito at  


2019 3D Shoots are on the following dates from 7:30 AM - 12:30 PM

June 30

July 21

August 25

Breakfast will be served from 7:00AM – 10:00AM

Any questions contact 

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